Scarecrows in the Garden

October 2013

This year, the Garden is stuffed with nearly 150 scarecrows handcrafted by businesses, individuals, schools and organizations.

The creative scarecrows share the stage with the larger than life plant creatures of Imaginary Worlds. These are the final weeks to see the exhibition of fantastic living sculptures that has been stirring imaginations since May.

Enjoy a Scarecrows Scavenger Hunt

Registration is closed - start thinking of ideas for next year!

Rules & Guidelines

Professional Entry Winners 2013

1st Place
Crowtron 3000 | Freebairn & Company

2nd Place
Corkscrow, the Winged Crusader | Terry Meltzer

3rd Place
Bouncer | Twelve Boutique and Flowers

Non-Professional Entry Winners 2013

1st Place
Edgar Allen Crow | CDC

2nd Place
Esmerelda, the Fairy Goth Mother | The Atlanta Goth Culture Club

3rd Place
Four and Twenty Blackbirds | The Pie Shop

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