Membership FAQ

Q: I have lost my membership card; what should I do?

Contact Member Services at 404.591.1539 or to request a replacement. You should receive your new card within 7 business days by mail. While waiting for your new card, you may visit the Garden by showing your photo ID at Garden Admission.

Q: Is my Garden Membership payment tax-deductible?

Please refer to the chart to calculate the tax-deductible portion of your membership gift.

Membership LevelGift Amount Non-deductible Portion
 Family Plus$129$0
 Director's Club$1,000$250
 Arbor Circle$2,500$650
 Magnolia Circle$5,000$850
 Orchid Circle$10,000$1225

Q: Do you have a discounted Membership level for seniors, teachers, and students?

We do not offer a senior, teacher, or student discount on Garden Memberships.

Q: Must a Dual Membership have two names listed?

No. If only one name is on a Dual level Membership, or higher, that one person may bring a guest with them each visit. The named member must always be present to use this benefit.

Q: At what age do children need to be included on a Membership?

Children ages 2 and under may visit the Garden for free. Memberships at the Family level and above allow free admission for children ages 3-17.

Q: What is the benefit of purchasing a Family Plus Membership?

The Family Plus Membership allows a caregiver (nanny or babysitter) to use the membership to bring the Member’s children to the Garden. The caregiver visits in place of the adults named on the Membership. It is not necessary to list a caregiver’s name on your Membership. Simply lend your membership card to your caregiver for the day. When Admissions checks them in with your children, it is assumed they are caring for your children that day.

The Family Plus level is not an “add a guest” to membership. Either the named adults on the membership may visit with their children, or the caregiver may accompany the member’s children.

Q: I purchased a Family Plus Membership but my complimentary Botanical Express ride-on-train tickets were not in my Membership packet. When will I receive them?

The Botanical Express ride-on-train tickets are mailed separately, usually in late October or early November of each year. You will receive them before the train’s first date of operation for the holiday season.

Q: Does the member need to be present when using guest passes?

No, guests may come on their own using member guest passes.

Q: May I visit other gardens with my Atlanta Botanical Garden membership?

Yes! The Atlanta Botanical Garden is a member of the American Horticultural Society’s Reciprocal Admission Program. Your Garden membership offers benefits at nearly 300 gardens, arboreta and conservatories in North America and the Cayman Islands. For a list of participating venues and the benefits they offer, please visit To redeem your benefits, present your current membership card to that garden. Please note that the 90 mile exclusion rule stipulates that gardens within 90 miles of each other will not offer reciprocal benefits. 

Q: I would like to request a Membership donation for an auction. Who should I contact?

To request a donation, please complete the Donation Request Form. Thank you for following these guidelines.

Still looking for your answer? If so, please contact Member Services at 404.591.1539 or We are happy to assist you.